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Discipline Policy



Home Sweet Home Preschool & Child Care

I believe that all children should experience success. I strive for a setting that provides children with opportunities to explore their environment within consistent, age-appropriate limits. In this atmosphere, most behavioral issues are prevented. However, if behavioral problems occur, my philosophy is to help children learn human values and problem-solving skills and take responsibility for their actions;

Home Sweet Home Preschool & Child Care

Ignoring: Some negative behavior is produced by a child to get attention. It can be stopped when it does not get the attention desired. I will use this technique unless a safety issue is involved.

Redirection/Distraction: I offer alternatives to children engaged in undesirable behavior by presenting a different toy, suggesting a new activity, or encouraging independent play.

Verbal Intervention: I explain the inappropriate behavior to the child and show them how to handle it with words.

Logical Consequences:  I help the child understand the logical consequences of their actions by removing the object or activity the child is engaged in.

Take a Break:  The child is separated from the group to allow them to relax and calm down. The child will have access to activities and be supervised while taking a break. The child may return to the group when the negative behavior stops.

If these positive guidance techniques are not working effectively and inappropriate behavior persists, I will inform the parent(s) and ask them to participate with me to help resolve the inappropriate behavior. If the inappropriate behavior continues for more than 2 weeks, I request that the parent(s) disenroll the child.